5~20A Solar charge controller

5~20A Solar charge controller

   LED displays output DC load time and 9 different controller  status
Optional automatic light control and time control output
Use the key to set the time and status
   High-precision control
PWM three-stage charge mode
   Reverse polarity,short circuit,over charge and discharge protection
 Green,yellow and red lights stand for DC load output ready,charging and fault status
Automatically adjust to the voltage12VDC or 24VDC  (optional)
Midnight energy saving feature (optional)
 Models SCC-5 SCC-10 SCC-15 SCC-20
 Rated Charge/Load Current 5A 10A 15A 20A
 Battery Voltage 12/24VDC
 Absorb Charge Voltage 14.4±0.3 /2*(14.4)±0.3VDC
 Float Charge Voltage 13.4±0.3 /2*(13.4)±0.3VDC
 Recommended PV Open Circuit 18/36VDC
 Recommended PV Open Circuit Voltage (Approx) 24/48VDC
 Protection Over Charge and Discharge, Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity
 Under Voltage Warning 11±0.3 /2*(11)±0.3VDC
 Under Voltage Protection 10.5±0.3 /2*(10.5)±0.3VDC
 Charge Status Indicator Lights Green-Ready,Yellow-charging,Red-Fault
 Setting           One Touch Button and One Digital LED
 Light Control DC Output
Auto night switch on and day switch off with timing control
 Auto Night Switch on at PV Voltage          Predetermined PV open circuit voltage at night
 No Load Current 10mA
 Operation Temp -15~60 degree
 Control Mode  3 stage PWM charge mode
 Cooling Natural (no fan)
 Certification TUV,CE, EMC

Product Origin: Suzhou,China
Model Number: SCC-5~20 Series
Brand Name: DEVEL

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